Vibrant Dreaming Mist (2 fl. oz.)


Vibrant Dreaming Mist (2 fl. oz.)


Vibrant Dreaming Mist uses a powerful combination of aromatherapy and vibrational healing to enhance your dreaming experience. Formulated to promote deeper and more vivid dreaming, improved dream recall, and more astute dream interpretation. This mist is also great for daytime dreaming, helping you to manifest and realize your dreams and goals so you can get inspired and take action! 

Gently shake and spray above your face or directly onto your pillow before bedtime or daydreaming time.

Dream big!

Keep in a cool dry place.


-Distilled Water-

-Mugwort Tincture* and Essential Oil- for lucid, creative and vibrant dreaming, and increased dream recall

-Clary Sage Essential Oil- sedative, nerve calming, anti-depressant

-Lavender Essential Oil*- calming, stress relieving, helps regulate sleep

-Palo Santo Essential Oil- clears negativity, energetically protective & grounding

-Angelica Essential Oil- calming, heart opening, increases spiritual awareness

-Herkimer Quartz 'Diamond'- for vivid dreaming, increased dream recall, increases spiritual awareness

(* indicates organic; all essential oils are therapeutic grade)

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