Skin Saving Salve (1 oz.)


Skin Saving Salve (1 oz.)


Skin Saving Salve is great for dry cracked skin, irritated cuticles, eczema, bug bites and minor skin irritations.

Skin Saving Salve is intensely nourishing and can also be used as an ultra moisturizing under eye treatment, applied before bedtime to restore sensitive  or damaged skin. 

This incredibly diverse healing and soothing salve comes in a 1 ounce tin with a convenient twist off cap.

Rub onto affected area, a little bit goes a long way!


Sunflower oil* solar infused with burdock root*, dandelion root*, lavender*, calendula*, rose hips* & nettles*, castor oil*, shea butter*, beeswax and essential oils of lavender* and German (blue) chamomile

(* indicates organic; all essential oils are therapeutic grade)

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