Lunar Revival Evening Facial Serum (0.5 fl. oz.)


Lunar Revival Evening Facial Serum (0.5 fl. oz.)



Lunar Revival Evening Facial Serum is a wonderfully nourishing treatment that combines skin tonifying herbs, renewing plant based oils, calming and anti-oxidant essential oils, and moonstones.

This anti-oxidant serum is formulated to firm and tonify the skin and help reduce face lines, scarring, and discoloration for radiantly healthy skin.

Excellent for all skin types.

Shake and apply 3-5 drops to fingers & gently massage into clean face and neck before bed. 

Keep in a cool, dry place.


-Jojoba Oil*- anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, mimics skin's sebum to lubricate naturally, balances oily skin, dissolves clogged pores

-Rose Petal*- tonifying, soothes sensitive or irritated skin

-Lavender*- anti-bacterial, helps with acne, helps regulate natural sebum production

-Calendula Flower*- helps to reduce wrinkles, skin spots and scarring

-Vitamin E Oil*- nutritive, antioxidant, wrinkle reducing

-Carrot Seed Essential Oil*- nutrient dense, highly antioxidant, detoxifying

-Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*- maintains moisture, skin healing, calming and sedative

-Jasmine Absolute- sedative, hydrating, soothing and healing to skin irritations

-Moonstone- through vibrational healing increases connection to cycles of moon, encourages peaceful sleep, calming to irritated skin, restores youthful glow to skin

(* indicates organic)

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