Lights Out Collection


Lights Out Collection


The Lights Out Collection aims to help you create a bedtime routine that supports balance and rest at the end of your day. These products encourage a quiet peace before bed and a sweet dreamy slumber through the night.  

Take a deep breath and let go of whatever you carried around with you today. It's time for Lights Out!


-Vibrant Dreaming Mist- Promotes relaxation, more vibrant and vivid dreaming, and increased dream recall. 

-Lunar Revival Evening Facial Serum- Promotes healthy, fresh looking skin and a sense of serenity and calm before bed.

-Sachet of Organic Homegrown Lavender- Lavender is a great sleep aid as it calms the mind and supports the nervous system. Place the sachet inside your pillowcase for aromatherapy through the night.

-Piece of Raw Amethyst- Amethyst is said to provide a sense of calm, encourage restful sleep, increase dreams, and keep nightmares away. 

***Amethyst specimens will vary slightly in size and shape***

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There are no un-natural or synthetic preservatives in these products. Products are formulated to be used within 6 months of purchase date.