Cosmic Alignment Room & Body Mist (2 fl. oz.)


Cosmic Alignment Room & Body Mist (2 fl. oz.)


Cosmic Alignment Room & Body Mist aromatherapy blend is an uplifting and sweet combination of essential oils and gemstones formulated to help you connect to your inner knowing and raise your vibration. 

Need a confidence boost before an important meeting or interview? Wake up on the cranky side of the bed? Want to settle into center before your yoga or meditation practice? Having trouble communicating the tough stuff from your heart?  Feeling indecisive, unmotivated, or detached? Looking to spruce up your living room before guests arrive? Spray away, my friends!

Mist in your living spaces and on your body.

Align with your highest truth and dance freely with the rhythm of the cosmos!

Keep in a cool dry place.


-Distilled Water-

-Witch Hazel*-

-Cypress Essential OIl- increases connection with Universal wisdom, emotionally supportive

-Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil- uplifting and stimulating to mind and body, relieves anxiety and stress

-Clary Sage Essential Oil- calming, helps reveal life-purpose, increases access to the subconscious mind

-Rose Essentail Oil- raises consciousness, brings happiness, contentment and self love

-Lavender Essential Oil*- calms nerves, relaxing, restorative

-Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*- encourages self-confidence, uplifting, protects from negativity

-Sandalwood Essential Oil- stress relieving, attracts positivity, spiritually uplifting

-Frankincense Essential OIl- removes negativity, spiritually uplifting, increases connection with Universal wisdom

-Amethyst Stone- enhances spiritual awareness and insights, improves motivation, brings clarity, promotes inner peace

-Labradorite Stone- raises consciousness, increases connection to Universal wisdom, stimulates intuition, strengthens self trust and confidence

(* indicates organic; all essential oils are therapeutic grade)

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